"Where trumpets rang and men marched by, none passes but the dragonfly" - Mary Webb


Car Dealing

I thought I'd buy me a real good car,
but I didn't intend to go very far,
I rushed to the place just down the road,
after I'd brushed up on my highway code.
There were Fords and Daimlers all in a heap,
to top the lot there was a one wheeled jeep.
Then the man rolled up with a big spare tyre,
and a face with no chin just a little bit higher.
He kept on talking and naming each make,
until I wished he'd shut up for Pete's sake.
At last he decided to show me around,
so I followed his footsteps over the ground.
He showed me a car that was riddled with rot,
I said " I think it's a leak in the roof that you've got".
He looked at me in a terrible way,
and I thought to myself "what else can I say?"
Then he smiled or at least he tried,
and suggested that we should go for a ride.
We jumped in a car and changed up a gear,
it was then we discovered there was nothing to steer.
We twisted and wobbled all down the street,
it was like pedalling a bike without any feet.
I'd almost forgotten it might have a brake,
so I put my foot down and it stopped with a shake,
We got out, I'd had my lot,
and ran straight home like a bloomin' shot!
© D.G. Phillips
To take and hold this dream,
have I the right?
You and time alone can say,
is not the dream so bright,
wonderful and gay?

You are my only dream for life,
are your dreams of me?
The day dreams and the ones at night,
only time will tell us what will be,
one day we both shall see.

There will be a time when life spins by,
will it stop or spin away?
Be true at heart my dear,
no, I believe our dreams will stay,
other thoughts will pass away.
© D.G. Phillips