"Where trumpets rang and men marched by, none passes but the dragonfly" - Mary Webb

Hawkstone Park Follies

Discover a hidden world of secret tunnels, concealed grottos, winding pathways and romantic valleys. Hawkstone Park is a captivating world of wonder, make believe and astounding natural beauty. Created in the 18th century the park is recognised as a masterpiece of the School of Naturalistic Landscape.

hawkstone park In 1774 Dr. Johnson, the famous lexicographer, wit and conversationalist, wrote "its prospects, the awfulness of its shades, the horrors of its precipices, the verdure of its hollows and the loftiness of its rocks... above is inaccessible altitude, below is horrible profundity." gorge at Hawkstone He was just one of the visitors to probably the most famous of all Georgian Pleasure Gardens. The Park was first laid out around 1748 by Sir Rowland Hill when he acquired the Red Castle and bought it into his estate. The first map of the laid out walk dates back to 1752.

The Park retained its popularity for many years, but by early this century it was neglected and forgotten by all but a few local people. In 1990 the owners of the adjacent Hawkstone Park Hotel acquired the Park and set about an ambitious restoration programme. After a great deal of hard work the Park was re-opened to the public in 1993.

Hawkstone Park and Follies sympathetically restored and enhanced by many a new feature, is one spot that you must not miss when visiting Shropshire. It would not be possible to describe at great length all its features, if you too want to experience such awe then pay Hawkstone a visit. - Read the legend of Fox's knob »