"Where trumpets rang and men marched by, none passes but the dragonfly" - Mary Webb

The Ironbridge Gorge

One place that I recommend to all who decide to visit Shropshire is the fascinating Ironbridge Gorge. It is a designated World Heritage site for it's role in the 18th century Industrial Revolution and is known as the Birthplace of Industry. Nowadays it is far from industrial most of the original factories closed years ago and the natural beauty of the Severn valley has been restored.

ironbridge In the central part of the Gorge is the Ironbridge itself spanning the beautiful River Severn, the first bridge in the world to be constructed of iron. The area is steeped in history and houses some wonderful museums from Victorian to Industrial themes. From Coalport china to the Jackfield Tile Museum to the popular Blist's Hill Victorian town. This open air museum displays Victorian life in the last 1800's. There are re-enactments, shops and workplaces. Many skills and crafts are demonstrated.

the boat innAfter a busy day exploring the town, bridge and museums I always recommend a break for some light refreshments. The Coalbrookdale Inn, Fat Frog and the Boat Inn are amongst my favourites! The Boat Inn is at the end of a wooded lane in Jackfield. One is always made to feel welcome and I love to see the amazement of the guests as they study the pub's wooden door which displays marks where the River Severn's waters have reached. It also is knnown as the pub where the Devil plays cards, here's the story. Many years ago the Devil is said to have visited the Boat Inn, Jackfield, just before Christmas to play cards with locals. It was only when a card dropped to the floor that other players noticed his club foot. No sooner was this discovered than a great gust of wind blew through the door to sweep the devil out. More recently the landlady awoke to find a young lady standing beside her bed, beckoning her downstairs. When she plucked up courage to descend she found a ground floor window forced open although no had got in.

fat frogThe Fat Frog provides a selection of French/ Continental and traditional dishes, with a regularly changing menu. The basement restaurant transports you to a typical backstreet, with chequer cloths, French music and Candlelit tables. Here you can sample 'Le Menu' created by Chef/Proprietor Johnny Coleau. In the Bistro bar, the dining experience is more casual with dishes ranging from baguettes to the more traditional coq au vin or Boeuf Bourguignon. Sundays switch to a more traditional British menu with Sunday Roasts and not a single chip in sight. For special occasions, flowers, balloons and champagne are all available along with special menus created to your choice. The Bistro Bar is open to diners and drinkers alike as is the Continental Style terrace. We have a vast choice of Beers and Continental Lagers on offer alongside an extensive wine list and selection of aperitifs, spirits and liquors.
10 Wellington Road, Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge, Telford. Shropshire. TF8 7DX

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