"Where trumpets rang and men marched by, none passes but the dragonfly" - Mary Webb


Mystery In Movie

Devils, demons, ghostly forms,
spirits, voices, chains,
and dead men's moans.

Bones that rattle,
bones that shake,
weird mysterious whispers,
when rotting bodies wake.

Shapes of darkness,
moving lantern lights,
eyes that light up,
horrible ghastly sights.

Still silent moments,
deep pounding hearts,
waiting for the moment,
when life departs.
© D.G. Phillips

Love And Death

Many's the time we dream of love,
and beautiful gardens in heaven above.
But these things we will never know,
until to answer the call of love and death we go.
One day we may see a girl we'll never forget,
and we'll know love has come to bring happiness or regret,
for she may well belong to another,
and we will give the world one more lonely lover.
But we may be able to call her our own,
and we can build all our hopes on a magical throne.
But when death calls we must end our schemes,
and live forever in a dream of dreams.
© D.G. Phillips